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Terrorist Attack Results in added costs and slowdowns for U.S. Freight System: A New Kind of Trade Barrier ?

Terrorist attack of the September 11 conducted that shipments were held up for days at the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico, and at airports around the world. Otherwise, it creates an economic slowdown and limitation of items received from other countries into the U.S borders.

It has also affected the migration of labor from some countries to the U.S and unfortunately lowers the lower wages job for unskilled workers. I think that the new trade deals might at least initially benefit other counties more than U.S. witch conducted many changes into its investment spending. For example, U.S. focuses its investment on developing new technologies of security and providing them to private companies around U.S. It is true that it was a huge investment but in other hand there were few investments for creating jobs opportunities and covering the impact of those September 11 terrorist attacks.

One of the most important changes happened to the U.S international trade is that U.S. Customs Service created the Container Security Initiative (CSI).  The primary purpose of CSI is to protect the global trading system and the trade lanes between CSI ports and the U.S. basically the keys elements of CSI is to identify high-risk containers; prescreen containers before they are shipped and use new technology to make sure that the process can be done rapidly.

It took more than 7 years after September 11 terrorist attacks to set up this new system witch in my opinion would help to make trade effectively more secure and faster than what it was before even if it costs to the U.S economy a trade deficit of $375 billion.

Written by: Redouane Boufous

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